Yuri Manga

Yuri manga means Girls Love. It is a Japanese term derived from manga depicting the love between two women.

Sea of Something started of life as yuri manga in the sense that it was a printed comic (small press). The first three issues were produced in hand drawn pen and ink and printed and sold locally.

It made the leap from yuri manga to yuri webcomic in 2009, garnering a larger readership and basically saving me a lot of money in printing costs.

Money wasn’t the only factor in this decision, however. Lesbian webcomics were becoming more prevalent online, those being webcomics made and featuring predominant lesbian themes (yuri) or being aimed at lesbian readers as opposed to a webcomic aimed at a male readership that might happen to feature a lesbian character.

Read Yuri Manga online here:

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Sea of Something issue two
Sea of Something issue three
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